I have believed for a long time in the importance of our own integration.  I have studied and taught on a relationship with God that more fully integrates each part of who we are.   This may seem like a no brainer but honestly Christianity as a whole hasn’t really done a good job with it.  The most glaring example is our separation of spirit and body which has all kinds of devotional and theological ramifications.  Ironically, we as people who worship and claim to follow an incarnate God have managed to demean the physical body.  This in spite the inherent value and importance that incarnation gives it.  This first day after Lent I am getting a clear reminder on the importance of integration.

You have to understand that I have not had and soda or fried food since Ash Wednesday. Combine this with the fact that I have spent all day (10 hours and counting….) in airports or on planes.  Both of which are lands flowing with batter and high fructose corn syrup.  I have binged.  To say the least.  Every meal, every beverage, every snack, post snack nibble, and everything in between has looked like the close up video footage they use on news broadcast when they talk about how obese America is.  (You know the background video that never shows faces, just bellys and hot pockets in a white knuckled death grip)

I realized a minute ago that I have not smiled in hours.  I was essentially rude to a few people that have tried to strike up conversations.  I was really (I mean really) angry at a little girl that wouldn’t stop crying.  I even went to the bathroom just because I wanted alone time.  I feel terrible physically and it matters spiritually.  How quickly I forget the lessons of a disciplined Lent.  It’s almost like I should be consistent year round…hmmmm something to think about over tomorrow morning’s pancakes cover in fried snickers crumbles..

How much attention do you pay to the physicality of your spirituality?

What does being an integrated/holistic person of faith mean to you?

My Two Cents…

April 24, 2011

So I have not thrown my hat in the blogging ring for going on four years now.  I found it difficult to continue with my Jobless Minister blog when I was once again – well, employed.  I felt like it compromised my street cred, so I walked away from blogging for highly noble reasons.  (on a side note someone else took the web address of my former blog - there is one entry from last May about British politics).    I would have gotten a web address that was my name but apparently another Mike Dixon is having as many problems as I once did meeting girls and got to the domain first. www.mikedixon.com (don’t worry its not dirty)

Why blog again? At the end of this Lenten season I have felt the compulsion to pick up the discipline of a blog once again.  (As it turns out when I do not watch TV  then I feel compelled to do a lot of things that might actually be good for me. ) Truth is that I need a place like this to keep me honest it my attempts to consistently engage in what the parts of my life I might otherwise leave unexamined.  Socrates would be very disappointed..

In this space I will just take the time to reflect on whatever it is that I am reading, experiencing, and thinking about in life, in faith, in culture, and in my head.  I know that there are no lack of blogs out there.  I am painfully aware that I am no more qualified than anyone else to run off at the mouth publicly.  But what follows will be my two cents.

btw The explanation for swallowing the sea can be linked to at the top of the page.


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